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Bitter and Blue is looking for new writers!

Do you want to write about Man City? This is the place for you!

Manchester City Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images

So how would you feel about writing about your favorite team and being read by hundreds of thousands of people every month? This is your chance!

Bitter and Blue, SB Nation's Manchester City blog, is looking for new writers to join our growing staff. Our goal is to become a must-read City blog with quality news and opinion, but we need more people to accomplish that goal.

What do we want in a new writer? First the basics: you need to be passionate about Manchester City. You can't be just someone who watches once in a while; you need to constantly follow the club and watch every game. Knowledge of the history of the club is also important, so you need to be someone who knows and understands what's going on at City.

Second, you need to be a good writer. People need to clearly understand what you're talking about, and you need to show in your posts that you do research and actually know what you are writing about. Good knowledge of the language is also important, as you'll also have to write in a correct way.

Third, you need to be consistent. You could be the second coming of Shakespeare, but if you're not able to actively contribute in a consistent time period, we can't have you. We need people committed to writing at least twice a week. Actually, we're looking for someone to write every day, but we'll be more specific in a bit. If you are passionate about City, is a good writer looking for an opportunity to show your work and is able to produce consistent work on a regular basis, we want you!

As for the necessities, we need people who can fit in the following categories:

Daily Coverage

We need 1-2 people who can commit to posting DAILY news about the club. That means you need to stay alert for any City story that pops up in your news feed and write quick, 150-200 word stories that present the news. These don't need to be full of analysis, it's news stories. In order for that to happen, you'll need to make this a priority in your day. Sure, we all have things to do, but if you have time to kill and wish to substitute some video game hours with Man City news stories, then this is the job for you.

To be very honest, it's a tough job. It's very easy, but it's repetitive and it can become exhausting if you don't pace yourself. That's why I want 2 people: along with myself, three of us can split duties and post a good number of daily news stories without getting tired easily.

Social media manager

Are you good at Twitter and Facebook? Are you aware of the #trends going on and have a knack for being interactive with your followers in an entertaining way?

We are looking for someone who can manage our Twitter and Facebook accounts. You'll be in charge of reposting our stories published on the website to Facebook, live-tweeting Manchester City matches and Pep Guardiola press conferences, and interacting with our followers to keep them engaged and interested in our content. You also need to be able to do this every day, but since everyone has a phone and social media account these days, this shouldn't be too hard for you.

So are you up to the task? Do you want to join our staff? We're growing and we really need good people to keep growing. If you're interested in joining either position, please email me at renatogonca16(at)gmail(dot)com, and put "Bitter and Blue Daily Coverage" or "Bitter and Blue Social Media" on the subject depending on the position you want to apply for.

Are you getting paid? I can't promise it, but if you're really good and meet all of the requirements, then maybe. One thing is for certain: you'll be part of a fun staff that will constantly support you and help you improve. And who knows, we may go to the Etihad one day...