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Why did Raheem Sterling leave Liverpool for Manchester City?

Let Sterling himself explain it

When Raheem Sterling left Liverpool and joined Manchester City in the summer of 2015, he received quite a lot of critcism for his decision. The young Englishman was a rising star with the Reds and looked like the real deal while developing there.

Once he moved to City, though, Sterling became a villain. Every singe one of his moves was under deep scrutiny, and every single thing he got wrong — which is natural since he's still a very young player — was all of a sudden seen as Raheem being a bad football player.

His struggles for England have also been pretty well documented, but we rarely got to hear Sterling's side of the story. Which is why his interview with Gary Lineker was so good. Sterling had time to express himself, to explain the decisions he's made in his young career, and how Pep Guardiola is making him a better player.

It's a really good interview, and our friends at NBC Sports give you the chance to see it. Enjoy.