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WATCH: Kevin De Bruyne scores beautiful free-kick as Manchester City stun Barcelona


Manchester City are building upon a very famous win against Barcelona in their UEFA Champions League match at Etihad Stadium. Barça went up 1-0 thanks to a Lionel Messi goal, but City equalized with Ilkay Gundogan, and scored a second early in the second half.

And that second goal came from Kevin De Bruyne, and it is a BEAUTY:

(via r/Soccer)

That is truly an amazing take from the Belgian. He struck that perfectly, and while Barça keeper Ter Stegen did concede a goal that he probably shouldn't have, De Bruyne deserves great credit for the pace and placement of the shot. City now have the entire second half to hold on to the win, which would be gigantic.

What a goal, Kevin!