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WATCH: Kelechi Iheanacho makes goalkeeper, three defenders look foolish, scores for Nigeria


Manchester City youngster Kelechi Iheanacho continues to develop into a very good striker, and he's scored another goal this season, this time for Nigeria in their World Cup African Qualifier against Zambia on Sunday:

This goal is basically unfair: Iheanacho runs free to the box, dribbles past the hopeless Zambia goalkeeper, gathers the ball again, and facing THREE defenders who tried desperately to get in front of goal and maybe block the shot, Iheanacho simply places the ball in the near post and scores.

Iheanacho has now scored four goals in just six appearances with the Nigerian national team, a fantastic record for a 19-year-old. This is a truly special footballer that continues to develop in front of us. Sky is the limit for Kelechi. And we're very lucky to have him at City.