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Pep Guardiola will be VERY PROUD of this goal from Manchester City loanee Patrick Roberts

Incredible goal by the Young Lions!

Pep Guardiola has a clear football philosophy: always have the ball, play short, quick passes to create gaps in the opposing defense, never waste long passes, and try to create chances and score goals by playing football.

If the Manchester City manager watched this goal scored by the England under-20s in a friendly against the Netherlands, he will be very happy:

The best part about this is that the play is finished by Man City's Patrick Roberts, one of the stars of the England youth teams who's currently playing for Celtic. Roberts is a real promising player, and he continues to show his worth for club and (young) country.

Guardiola certainly wants his team to score goals like this very often, and he might even show it to his players. Who knows. One question there: if the England U-20s are scoring goals like this, why can't the seniors do the same? Is it THAT hard?