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Pep Guardiola goes full-on Kobe Bryant Mode when asked about Manchester City struggle

Pep's got the RINGSSSSS

Manchester City Training Session Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

This has been a tough week for Pep Guardiola, but he handles it with class.

The Manchester City manager spoke to the press on Friday ahead of his team's Premier League match against Southampton on Sunday. After Wednesday's tough loss to Barcelona at Camp Nou, Pep faced some pretty tough questions about that game and his philosophy. After a perfect start to the season with 10 straight victories, the Sky Blues haven't won in the last four matches, and many start to think if Pep Ball is really a good idea.

So a journalist politely asked Pep if he was willing to change his way of playing in order to win in England. His response?

"What happens when I think about changing is that the solution is not better than what I believe.

"And do you know why as well? Because in seven years, I won 21 titles. Sorry guys. That's three titles per year, playing this way. I am not going to change. I will go home before I change.

"You cannot imagine how difficult it is to build something. We are only three months together but my third year in Barcelona and Bayern Munich was better than my third month. After three months, you think it is all going to go well, we will dominate in the Camp Nou, beat teams 4-0? I'm good but not that good.

"I don't think [I will achieve what I want to in three years]. But I don't want to play like Barcelona. They play in that way with their players. Johan Cruyff started that in 89-90. We need decades to do that.

"What was working in Barca or Bayern is not working here because the players are totally different. I need time to know my players. I hear many times that 'Pep is coming here to change English football'. Forget about it. I am not here to change anything. I will change my team so they can win and fight for the titles, in my way.

"Remember, after 10 games, people said were going to win four titles. But in that time I said we are not ready to win the Premier League and now we are four games without victory. It's part of the process.

"Nobody said it was easy to win titles. It's very difficult. But we are making good things and some good processes. They played with personality. They weren't scared. They tried.

"What I feel is that they follow me. When I feel they don't I will speak with the club. I speak fluently with the players, with what they think and believe. When they don't play well I am honest with them."

Source: Sky Sports

Did you notice the best quote in all of this?


Kobe Bryant would be proud.