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Claudio Bravo admits costly error in Manchester City loss to Barcelona

It was a terrible error, but Claudio did not shy away from it

Claudio Bravo did not have his best night as he returned to Camp Nou for the first time since leaving Barcelona. The Manchester City goalkeeper had already been destroyed by Lionel Messi in the game's opening goal, but the worst was yet to come.

Early in the second half, he did THIS:

(via r/Soccer)

Bravo's unbelievable error cost his team big time, since City were the better team in the second half and looked very close to an equalizer that would make this a very fun Champions League match. Instad, Bravo murdered his team's chances, and he deserves plenty of criticism for it.

Claudio could have chosen to not speak to the media after the game and it would have been understandable, but the Chilean owned up to his mistake and recognized how big of an effect it had on the result:

“It changed the course of the game, we were playing very well, creating opportunities and it is what it is, football is like that. It is a game of mistakes and correct decisions. It’s just bad luck that I was the person that changed the course of the game. But it’s like that. We must keep working hard and look at the next games.

“They have a team that is very difficult but we were playing well, we were comfortable, especially in the first half. And it was clear that the game changed after the sending off.”

Source: M.E.N.

Recognizing the error won't make it go away, but it's at least nice to see him acknowledge it. Just don't screw it up anymore, Claudio. We want to like you.