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Pep Guardiola Press Conference: Barcelona preview, Camp Nou return

Quotes from Pep's pregame presser

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Manchester City Press Conference Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Wednesday's UEFA Champions League match between Barcelona and Manchester City at Camp Nou will be special for Pep Guardiola, who returns for the second time to the place where he became a legend.

Pep spoke to the press to preview the game, and he is clearly excited to be back in Barcelona. Guardiola spoke about his plan to beat Barça, praised the opposition and is expecting a tough game against his former club.

Here are a few quotes from Pep's presser:

“I would like to defend well and attack well but to change the way you think, the way you believe in playing football, it’s impossible.

“The players aren’t going to believe me (if I do that). Of course you adjust many things because it’s a special team, how they play, build up, high pressing, they control all the departments and you have to adjust - and try to be ourselves as much as possible.

“I came back with Bayern… it’s always special for me to sit here. I’ve spent time here, this stadium is part of my life, I grew up here. It’s always special when I see people who I like to see. When you travel around, you remember places for the people you met.

“It’s a good test for us to play against the best team.

“I was here two/three years ago and it was with Manuel, he is the first coach who was able to reach semi-finals so a lot of credit to him to help who came next.

“City were not in Europe for a long time, so you’re important in Europe when you’re there a long time, and that is our next target in the next years, to be there competing.

“I know what they are going to do tomorrow, what we’re going to try and we’ll see if we are able to do it.”