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Joe Hart vs Claudio Bravo: Who is better for Manchester City?

This is a tough one...

Celtic FC v Manchester City FC - UEFA Champions League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Since Claudio Bravo signed for Manchester City two months ago, many supporters have debated on whether or not Pep Guardiola had made the right decision, especially after the Chilean’s mishap in the Manchester Derby, which just happened to be his club debut. Our beloved Joe Hart was shipped off on loan to Torino, and this added fuel to the flame of doubt.

Why Joe left

Pep has made it clear that the reason for Joe’s departure is because his style of play would simply not fit with the longtime City keeper. Guardiola's system requires a sweeper-keeper, who can ping passes and create plays from the back. Joe is not known for his distribution, and that has come back to haunt him. He prefers to hoof the ball up to the forwards, and that simply will not work for Guardiola.

What the fans think

Fans who are looking at this switch with their hearts are devastated by the loss of Joe. Since signing for the club in 2006, he has been a fan favorite. He created some great memories in that City shirt, and it was a very difficult farewell. His goodbye message was a tearjerker, as he wished the fans, players and staff behind Manchester City good luck for the coming years.

Fans who look at the bigger picture are ecstatic about the arrival of the two-time Copa América winner. He was able to keep fifteen clean sheets for Barcelona during the 2015/16 campaign, which was the second highest amount in the league. He made over 1,300 short passes in the last three seasons, a statistic that surely grabbed Guardiola's attention.

The tactical aspect

Without Bravo, the inverted full-back system would be completely meaningless. The system is designed to create space for passing channels, and it produces more options for ball movement. Claudio is arguably the most crucial part of this tactical setup. He is the one who builds the plays from the back by sending the ball forward strategically, not by punting it away from the goal.

Every pass in a Pep Guardiola team has a purpose, and booting it up the pitch over and over again is usually not useful in the end. It only creates a substantial risk of losing possession. If we have a keeper like Bravo, he will pass with a target in mind for most of the time. This alone could win us a respective amount of points by generating beautiful team goals or crucial counter attacks.


This comes down to different perspectives. If you are a very emotional person, then Joe Hart would be better for your happiness. If you choose to look at this tactically, then Claudio Bravo is by far the superior option. His skillful passing and shot-stopping is exactly what the squad needs to succeed. His mistake against Manchester United on his debut was simply down to miscommunication, and he can not be judged only based on this. As the new tactics click, Claudio will blend right in to the team and help the Blues reach awe-inspiring triumph.