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Manchester City's Leroy Sané could struggle with Premier League pressure, says Bayern Munich star

Boateng didn't work at City, and he's afraid a German teammate may not work either

Germany v Northern Ireland - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Joern Pollex/Bongarts/Getty Images

Leroy Sané is yet to take England by storm ever since arriving at Manchester City in the summer, mostly due to a hamstring injury that kept him out of action for over a month. He's made very few appearances this season, starting only once so far, and he still doesn't look like the player Pep Guardiola and City fans hope he can be.

And one of Sané's teammates in the Germany national team, Jerome Boateng, is worried about the 19-year-old. Boateng, a former City player, says there's a lot of pressure in the Premier League, and Leroy could have trouble in England if he's not given time to adapt and improve.

“In England, you have to operate immediately. You actually need a period of settling in, because on the island, different football is played. But the English press does not give you any time for it, immediately raising it. This is not easy for a player. Some can handle criticism a bit better, but others say: 'What am I doing here?' Everything is terrible, even the weather.”

Source: M.E.N.

Boateng did not have a good career at City in his one-season tenure with the club, failing to impress as a central defender or as a right-back, before being sold to Bayern Munich where he became one of the top center-backs in football. He's concerned with Sané and it's understandable, since Leroy is a young player like Boateng was when he came to England.

Sané is being coached by Pep Guardiola, though, and that will make the transition much easier. Our Boy Leroy will work out, Boateng. Don't worry.