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Gaël Clichy Looks Ahead to the Capital One Cup Clash Against Everton and Discusses Injuries

The Manchester City leftback has had an injury plagued 2015-16

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

LLeft-back Gaël Clichy, who has won three league titles with Arsenal and Manchester City and the 2014 League Cup with the Blues will likely feature in Wednesday night's semifinal first-leg clash against Everton.

Clichy has fought injuries all season and gave the official Blues website an accounting of the injury and

"I had a really bad season at Arsenal a few years back with the same injury so while this has been bad, I've had worse," said Clichy.

On the injury:

"It's part of football, we're used to it and you have to look at the positives and for me, that was being able to work on my fitness a lot in the gym and spend a lot of time with our guys in the medical team who are unbelievable.

"Now I feel a lot stronger. I'm just waiting for my chance to get a run of games under my belt because obviously the more you play, the sharper you get."

On Everton:

"Now we face Everton three times in three weeks and we're up against a side who have amazing quality all over the pitch and we know we are going to have three difficult games and the more players we have available for those matches the better.

"We are playing three games a week which is very demanding and this is why we need as many players as possible. As regards how we approach these matches, as a player, we'll do what the manager wants us to do and ultimately it's up to him whether or not we go into each game the same or differently.

"You can see whenever the team gets the ball, they are looking for him. Belief and confidence allows you to express yourself, and that's what can make a good player into an amazing player.

"Everton is always a difficult place to go. Like Stoke, Everton were always a hard-working team, concentrating on set-pieces and you knew you were in for a tough 90 minutes."

"Now, they have great quality throughout the team as well so it's not just a battle anymore, it's a battle plus quality. At Goodison Park, with their fans behind them - some of the best in the country I believe - we're in for a tough game on Merseyside and two hard games at the Etihad."

The match kicks off at 8pm local time tonight at Goodison Park.