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Michael Regan/Getty Images

Don't let the headline fool you - The Blues did not solve the defensive crisis the club currently is under by signing  Martín Cáceres the Juventus star- But Manchester City did bring in  Anthony Cáceres, an Australian midfielder who is 23 years-old. He is the first addition to the Blues squad in this January Transfer Window. More move are possible but unlikely it appears.

The Central Coast Mariners product was lauded by his now-former coach. Speaking to the BBC, Mariners head coach Tony Walmsley stated

"When I brought Caceres to the Mariners his potential was obvious. The move demonstrates how far he has progressed."

"We need to celebrate when players are sold to bigger clubs."

Manchester City are unlikely to keep Cáceres around the first team for the remainder of the Premier League season.

Blues Manager Manuel Pellegrini said:

"He will probably go on loan, he's not part of this squad at this moment," "It's something the club always does thinking about the future."