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Twitter reacts to Kevin De Bruyne joining Manchester City

Here's what they're saying...

Mika Volkmann/Getty Images

It's finally official! Manchester City confirmed the signing of Kevin De Bruyne from Wolfsburg on Sunday. After weeks of speculations the on-again-off-again deal was finally completed the day before the transfer window closes. While the terms have not be disclosed, the estimated fee has been reported to be in the range of £56 million, which would be a new club record.

As with any deal City complete, opinions start flying. To find the most organic reaction to big news we always like to look at Twitter. No matter if it's positive, negative, or somewhere in between, you always get honest opinions. Here's what they're saying about the move:

As the kids are saying these days... #SQUAD

Pretty...pretty...pretty good...


Even for a 24-year-old who led all of Europe in assists, there are still questions about the fee.

But, the price won't matter if he comes good.

City announced the signing just as United were kicking off. *insert troll face*?


It won't be easy, but De Bruyne has the talent to shut up the doubters and become one of the best midfielders in the world. If he does that, his high price tag will be justified.

What do you think of the signing? Let us know in the comments below.