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De Bruyne Appears to Rule Out City Move

Kevin de Bruyne says he is staying at Wolfsburg

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Early this evening UK time a story broke from Twitter that Kevin de Bruyne had opted to stay with VFL Wolfsburg instead of moving to Manchester City.

Given the quick u-turn players often make these days especially when influenced by agents I feel this is no way conclusive evidence. We witnessed Fabian Delph make a u-turn just over a month ago and de Bruyne could very well do the same thing. A key difference though is that Wolfsburg offers de Bruyne Champions League football, whereas Aston Villa could not offer that to Fabian Delph.

It will be fascinating to monitor this over the next few days. Manchester City has had a relatively quiet summer transfer window but as we have seen in previous years sometimes the club closes August with a spending frenzy.