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Five Thoughts: City 3-0 Chelsea

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho spent plenty of time in the week leading up to the clash between Manchester City and Chelsea speaking ill of his medical staff. But when it came time for the match, it was City who put on a clinic, dominating the defending Premier League champions from the opening kickoff and staking their claim as contenders with a 3-0 win. After Manuel Pellegrini's men took advantage of a golden opportunity at the Etihad, here are five thoughts from the match.

1. A Golden Opportunity Taken Advantage Of

Thanks to last week's win, coupled with Chelsea's disappointing showing at home against Swansea, this match was nothing short of a golden opportunity for City. And the Blues took advantage of that opportunity, going five points clear of the club whose title they're looking to reclaim as their own. Success against Chelsea is far from mandatory to win titles (Pellegrini's lackluster record against Chelsea despite winning a championship at City is proof of that), but it certainly doesn't hurt to build a lead against them by defeating them directly.

2. It's Still Early

With the above said, this five point cushion means nothing if City can't build on it by continuing to string together positive results and avoiding pitfalls like the ones they fell into for much of last season after the month of December. It will be imperative for Pellegrini to reiterate to his team that one poor showing will make this strong start all for naught. Everton will be a great test of City's focus so soon after an emotionally charged win, and it's a test that City fans should be glad the team is getting so early in the year.

3. Sergio Aguero, Eater Of Worlds

From the very first minute of the game, Sergio Aguero gave the Chelsea defense headaches. If not for Asmir Begovic (who was great in the place of Thibaut Courtois, who served a one match ban for a red card worthy takedown of Bafetimbi Gomis last week), Aguero would have scored multiple times. But his ability to run circles around and behind the Chelsea defense gave City their initial breakthrough and set the table for all of the positives that followed in the attacking third.

This performance was vintage Aguero, who hasn't met a big match he couldn't rise to the occasion for, or a defense he couldn't breach, with today's match being no exception.

4. Vincent Kompany: This One's For The Haters

Last week, Vincent Kompany was fired up over his goal against West Bromwich Albion, and understandably so after the questions surrounding his viability as City's captain and center back thanks to a shaky 2014/15 campaign. In case you thought he'd go back to being the relatively tame player we saw in previous years, he decided to net another goal for himself, complete with another emotional celebration.

This has really been the perfect start for Kompany, whose two week redemption tour has silenced the doubters and sat down the haters.

A clean sheet against West Brom isn't something to write home about, but a second consecutive one against Chelsea is a huge confidence builder, and it looks like Kompany is absolutely brimming with confidence at this early stage in the season.

5. Jose Mourinho Is A Little, Tiny Baby

Let's all raise a drink to Jose Mourinho tonight. Chelsea's manager, the undisputed king of punching down, spent the week leading up to this match doing just that toward his medical staff rather than preparing his team for a massive match with a fellow title contender. Without being able to blame his team being blown off of the pitch on team doctors, he went with a different strategy when addressing the media, opting to simply claim that his team was still better.

Mourinho had the audacity to call the 3-0 score "fake," claiming that his team was superior to City in the second half despite giving up two goals in that second half and failing to score a goal in the entire match. In other words, when faced with legitimate criticism of his club, Jose Mourinho opted to cover his ears and yell "LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" while soiling his diaper.

Of course, if Mourinho's team really was superior to City on the day, they would have scored at least one goal, let alone more than their opponent.

Fire away with your thoughts from a glorious Sunday statement from City below.