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Manchester City 3-0 Chelsea: Quotes

Manchester City crushed Chelsea 3-0 at the Etihad Stadium in front of a record home crowd for the club in the Premier League era.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images


MCFC Manager Manuel Pellegrini:

"It is very satisfying because it's not easy to beat the champions. Chelsea are the best team - they won the title last season - and in the first 45 minutes, we really deserved at least three goals.

"We played very well without conceding chances for Chelsea to score and it was only a great performance from Asmir Begovic that meant we couldn't score more goals.

"In the second half, we were restricted by the yellow cards we received so our intensity was not the same but even in our worst moment, Chelsea didn't have chances and finally we scored the goals we deserved.

Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho:

"In the first half, the best team were winning - in the second half, Chelsea were the best team but we didn't score.

"If I thought a 1-0 result after our second half would have been unfair, imagine how I feel after 2-0 and 3-0.

"Defensively, we were fragile. In the second half, everything changed. We had control of the game and created chances. They couldn't cope.

"In my opinion, Manuel did very well because he sensed the danger and made changes.

"We were punished by our mistakes and we couldn't capitalise on a good second half."

MCFC Captain Vincent Kompany:

"The difference was we managed to punish them this time - we didn't make the mistakes we made in previous seasons against them. It was a comfortable game, mainly because we did everything right.

"We have to demonstrate our qualities throughout the year. We had good performances last year. It is wrong to say the whole season was bad but we were disappointed at the end.

"Now our home form will be so important so to start in front of 55,000 fans the way we did today was amazing. It sent out the right signal but there is so much more to come."