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West Brom 0-3 Man City: Post Game Recap

City with a dominate show of force in the first game of the season away at West Brom

Michael Steele/Getty Images



Toure (9th min, 23rd min)

Kompany (59th min)

West Brom Goals: N/A

A few thoughts:

1. Raheem Sterling had a few good chances, his best chance came in the 40th minute, but really needs to work on finishing. Still he was lively and created opportunities for his teammates and cleared space for Silva. Sterling's pace is frightening and he clearly showed his presence makes City more dangerous from an attacking standpoint.

2. City seemed to have good ball control, but as the game went on, they relaxed a little, which they may be able to get away with at West Brom, but not against a team like Manchester United or Chelsea. Next week the Blues face Chelsea and will need to maintain levels of intensity during the entire match.

3. Defense seemed solid, but still needs some work. Joe Hart was hardly tested but when West Brom created pressure the backline appeared engaged and organized.