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Should Kelechi Iheanacho be loaned our or stay with MCFC this season?

Kelechi Iheanacho is an amazing young talent. Normally the course would be to loan out the 18 year-old. But does Raheem Sterling's rapid development with Liverpool give a better test case?

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Kelechi Iheanacho is without question the most exciting young player to come through Manchester City's youth ranks in recent years. The 18 year-old phenom caught the eye last preseason and this year has kicked on. Historically, players like Iheanacho are sent out on loan for long periods of time. However, last season youngster José Ángel Pozo was kept around the first team all season and he was able to make three Premier League appearances. Chances are this year, Pozo will be sent out loan along with the likes of Marcos Lopes and others.

But Iheanacho is a unique case. His pace and refined runs already resemble that of a first team Premier League player. Quite honestly, his game is reminiscent of where new Blues recruit Raheem Sterling was just four seasons ago when as a youngster he broke into the Liverpool squad without the traditional method of being loaned to a smaller club.

With Manchester City lacking pace, and a certain degree of cutting edge particularly on the counter attack, a pacey player like Iheanacho could be useful as a late substitute. But then again, not loaning him out in his formative years could retard his development.

How to handle Iheanacho's development is among the more critical questions that will face Manchester City's top brass and coaches in the next week.