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2015/16 Bitter and Blue Fantasy League

Sign up and choose your squad!

As we round the corner into August, the new Premier League season is almost upon us. That also means that it's time to get going with our annual Bitter and Blue Fantasy Premier League group. I've just renewed the league for the coming season, so anyone who was in the league last year should automatically be back in, so long as you've registered a team for this season. For anyone who isn't in the league and would like to join, the code for the league is: 1063490-258613. Once you've registered a team you'll have the option to join or create leagues, so use the code at that page and you'll officially be part of the best City-based league in the fantasy game.

Here is your link to sign up and here's the link to the group page, for those who are already in the league. Creative team names are always a plus!

Good luck to all!