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Reports: City Table De Bruyne Bid

Manchester City appear ready to break the bank to bring Wolfsburg's Kevin De Bruyne to the club.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Per multiple published reports, Manchester City is poised to break the British transfer record to sign Wolfsburg's Kevin De Bruyne. The former Chelsea midfielder was arguably the most influential player in the Bundesliga last season. Estimates indicate that City might pay upwards of £60m for the player's services.

Following the completion of deals for Englishmen Raheem Sterling, Fabian Delph and Patrick Roberts the Blues appear poised to jump back into the continental market. If De Bruyne does come to City, the Belgian International could be returning to England just a year and a half after leaving Chelsea.

With the large outlay of cash already spent this summer, the Blues are becoming more and more likely to offload multiple players beginning with former Wolfsburg striker Edin Dzeko. Other players that could be moved include Samir Nasri, Stevan Jovetić and perhaps even Alexsander Kolorav.

De Bruyne would add a finished article to City's summer shopping. By adding Sterling the Blues got pacier, by adding Roberts the club got younger and by adding Delph, the side got deeper and brought in someone who can play the type of probing passes that have been sorely lacking from central midfield.