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Sterling Medical Set For Tuesday Morning, Could Join Team in OZ For Preseason Tour

Stu Forster/Getty Images

As reported by David Ornstein at BBC, Sterling traveled to Manchester this morning. He will have his medical tomorrow morning and sign, most likely, a 5-year deal. If all of that plays out the way it's suppose to then the 20-year-old midfielder will fly to Australia Tuesday evening to join the squad for their preseason tour.

I have still yet to decide where I stand on this signing, so until then I'll stand firmly on the top of the fence waiting for either show the skills he did for Liverpool in 2013/2014, or become a huge disappointment. Once that happens I'll feel comfortable yelling happy or angry things at him! (Slightly kidding). More to come on this signing, I'm sure, from me and the rest of the B&B writers!