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Raheem Sterling Deal Makes Perfect Sense for Blues

While many might think Raheem Sterling is overpriced, it's potentially a very important deal for Manchester City.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Liverpool's Raheem Sterling is being called "overpriced" at £50 million by many pundit however he ticks a lot of boxes for Manchester City should his signing be completed.

  • Manchester City suffered from a clear lack of pace and directness in the 2014-15 season. Sterling can help solve that.
  • For several years now, the Blues have consistently lacked width in midfield or the attack. Sterling could change that and as a result create more space for David Silva to operate shifting from the left side into the middle of the pitch.
  • Sterling is English and Manchester City need to sign homegrown players.
  • The club has overpaid for several players from the continent in their mid to late 20's in recent years. Sterling is still just 20 and has several above average Premier League seasons under his belt.
  • By injecting more pace into the City side, the Blues will be able to potentially match Chelsea's lethal counter-attacking prowess.
Considering the increased asking price for many English players and the needs City posses, £50 million could be a bargain in the long run for a player that ticks a lot of boxes and could be with the club for years. Besides, if Manchester City don't close the Sterling deal he could eventually be a Chelsea or Arsenal player which is something the Blues brass need to take into account as they attempt to close the deal.

The current City side are not good enough to win the Premier League title. Are they good enough to even compete for the title? That's debatable and all the more reason a potentially transformative player like Sterling needs to be secured irrespective of the seemingly inflated price tag.