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Moving On

Today marks my final day at the helm here at Bitter and Blue. I'm not one for a long and emotional goodbye but suffice to say it has been a fair old journey over at the old place and here at SB Nation over the years.

I am very proud of what Bitter and Blue become; the name and reputation it developed and the opportunities it afforded, but mainly the community that grew. For that, I wanted to extend a sincere thanks to everyone who has stopped by, young and old, to share and be a part of things.

As you will all know, there are a fantastic bunch of writers and contributors here and it is thanks in large part to their sterling efforts (and talent) that the blog became what it did. I hope that the coverage put out was varied, interesting and engaging.

Rest assured, the blog will continue and will be in safe hands moving forward. I look forward to seeing the direction the blog continues to take.

Once again, many thanks.