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Manchester City 2014/15 player ratings: Gael Clichy

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Gael Clichy (23 league appearances, 6 Champions League starts): 6.5/10

That's right, City AP! I was in a good mood this morning and, as a lover of Clichy, I couldn't help but go with 6.5. Clichy was pretty much an average player this season, never being too good or too bad. This does not mean he wasn’t valuable to City at his position, he just wasn't too important (That doesn't sound harsh, does it?). I prefered him over Kolarov for his defensive abilities and better work rate in defense. He was choosen by Pellegrini for most of the season to his counterpart, Kolarov, for his defensive work and experience. Though he isn't intimidating, Clich wasn’t afraid of an opponent. He put in a tackle to halt counter attack, or put in a crunching tackle to show the opposition what they’d be in for that match.

Where he struggled was in the backside run coverage and in attack. Clichy has a tendency to ball watch as crosses enter the box he ball watches, allowing his man to sneak for a free header. In the attacking of the game Clichy, in my eyes, was poor and would throw an errant cross into the box hoping someone was there. I do love when he scores goals, though, because I believe he surprises himself, as well as everyone else.

What surprised me most about his stats on was that he was given just one yellow card in the Premier League this season. (Though he received two in Champions League play). This may not surprise most, but I just imagine every player has at least three throughout the season.