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Richards, Guidetti Released By Manchester City

Richard Sellers/Getty Images

As the case for all Premier League clubs, City this week submitted to the Premier League their retained list of players with the key names on the list being Frank Lampard, Micah Richards and John Guidetti.

Lamprd of course now heads off to MLS with the NYCFC franchise, whilst Richards and Guidetti - both former Academy products - search for new clubs. Both will be in demand, with Richards linked with a number of Premier League sides whilst Guidetti had a profitable loan spell at Feyenoord before suffering an injury which essentially scuppered his last hope of overcoming a series of injuries to finally kick start a career at City that promised so much but remained just that.

With Richards there is of course a degree of sadness. Well thought of throughout the club City offered him a contract extension last summer but he opted instead to head out on loan to Fiorentina (there is a nice interview in The Mail with him about his time there and at City).

At just 26 years of age Richards has plenty of his career ahead of him and although his progress at City stalled (or more realistically City's progress outpaced his own) his talent is such that he should get a pick of clubs this summer, particularly being on a free transfer too.

It goes without saying that he will depart with everyone's best wishes and whilst he had many great moments in a City shirt were there any more dramatic than this?