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Khaldoon Steps In To Stop Toure Sale?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

So says The Mirror:

"Yaya is staying - because Sheikh Mansour told him he must stay.

"Mansour told Yaya that he is still a very important player and that he was the first big player to join City after the takeover.

"He told him that City wouldn't even discuss a sale.

"This is good. People have tried to say that Yaya only wanted more money, but it was never about money. It was only about respect."

Quotes of course from Toure's agent, Dimtry Seluk, as they have been over the past couple of weeks or so (see here and here).

Whilst there is always a rush to speculate about departures (and to be fair, the stories emanate from somewhere, be it an agent, club and/or player trying to create something) my natural instinct is to think something won't happen. As it with Toure, I'd be shocked if he wasn't with City through next season, and as his current deal runs until the summer of 2017, beyond that.