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Patrick Vieira Linked With Newcastle Job

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

One that came out of nowhere yesterday evening:

I'm sure it would be a role that attracts Vieira, despite the off-field turmoil that has impacted the club in recent times. After escaping relegation on the final day, owner Mike Ashley spoke of spending in the summer and Vieira would undoubtedly want certain assurances prior to taking over.

Vieira is currently on a rolling contract at City and the club would be desperate not to lose him given the impact and influence he has had on the Academy as a whole. That said, unless there was a pathway form him to take over at City himself - with next summer at the end of Manuel Pellegrini's current deal the only opening it seems - he may well be tempted elsewhere, and if his wish is to remain in the Premier League then Newcastle may be as good an option as he is likely to come across.