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Match Report: Toronto FC 0 - 1 City

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

The game, like most friendlies like this, was a substitute fest with a little soccer in between. The first half was shooting practice for City but with the visiting side not being to find the back of the net. City were unlucky to not go into the locker room up a goal. If it weren’t some good goal keeping and poor shots, City were unable to find the back of the net and frustrating the English side.

The second half was a tug of war like battle as both sides had their chances to grab the first goal. As Toronto had two great chances to grab the first goal from Jordan Hamilton and Bright Dike, it would be City to get the goal. The goal came from one of the young substitutes, George Evans, to get the first goal and the win for City. What a goal it was, Evans curled a shot from a few feet outside the box and into the back of the net. It was unfortunate to not see Barker get some game action, but that only means that we will most likely see a lot of him in the next match against Houston (If the game takes place).

Like most of the season, if not all, Silva impressed as the lone started to play almost the entire match. His connection with each person that came on to the field is incredible and just proves how important he is to the City side.