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Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

I said this would likely drag on and on.

So, after the '90% chance' of Yaya Toure leaving this summer, his agent, Dmitry Seluk, has now stated that Toure is deemed 'too important' for City to consider leaving and that he will, after all, now stay at the club:

Toure was of course substituted last Sunday in the final game of the season and it certainly didn't appear from his demeanour that it was a farewell as he departed the field. Pellegrini too, after the game, refused to countenance this possibility, stating that the only farewell was Frank Lampard's (also referring to questions about James Milner).

I've been consistent in saying that I don't think City should move on from Toure this summer. Despite all the talk of Paul Pogba, he is still virtually irreplaceable for this side and with two years left on his deal he has so much still to offer. Admittedly this will be in a revised role, with less overall responsibility - and perhaps less minutes than he is used to - but one which will maximise the qualities that he has.

No word from the club naturally, so as ever we are left to speculate based on quotes from Toure's agent but it seems likely that he will be at the club next season and beyond.