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City 2 - 0 Southampton: What Did We Learn?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The final day of the 2014-2015 season was another positive one for City, as they closed out the campaign with a 2-0 win over an overachieving Southampton side. Manuel Pellegrini's squad finished the year in second place, in spite of a brutal run of form from late December into April, while Southampton will cheer for Arsenal to win the FA Cup to give them a Europa League place. So what did we learn from the final game of the year?

1. No country for young men

With second place already in hand, yesterday would have been a good time to give some younger players a shot at playing in a Premier League game. However, nothing like that happened, as City's team consisted of the usual suspects. And while the team that did make it out there managed to secure their sixth straight win, giving the youth a shot to get some games in before next season would have been good too.

2. Parting is such sweet sorrow

Frank Lampard played his last game in the Premier League yesterday, which was one of a few awkward goodbyes at the Etihad. And while Lampard's brief stay was more of a bad look than it was beneficial to the team given the issues it created with New York City FC, the potential departures of Yaya Toure and James Milner were much more emotional.

Milner and Toure have both made tremendous contributions to championship teams, and could well be on their way to different clubs come next season. While Pellegrini stated that subbing them out during the match was not to earn them an ovation from those in attendance, it was nice that fans were able to give them a round of applause for all they've done for the team prior to a potential departure.

3. Coming to North America

Now that the season is over, it's time for City to make the rounds to the United States and Canada, starting with a friendly in Toronto against Toronto FC on Wednesday. While this is a great chance to visit different cities and build City's fan base around the world, having to bring so many first team players along for the ride is scary, as an injury in a postseason friendly would be tragic.

Shoot us your takeaways from the game and the season below.