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City Handed Champions League Boost

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

We now know who will contest this year's final following the 1-1 draw in Madrid between Real and Juventus this evening (will Carlo Ancelotti now be available...) but whilst City's elimination at the hands of favourites Barcelona meant they exited at the round of 16 for the second successive season there is some positive news for 2015/16.

With the changes announced to how pot one is seeded there was a concern that this may push City into pot three, but it appears as though City will remain in pot two:

This will be because of the other qualifiers from the various European leagues not having sufficient points more than City; a case in point being the failure to qualify of Schalke and Dortmund in Germany, both of whom are ranked higher.

Whilst the new seedings means you could potentially land an easier pot one seed, if City were in pot three it could equally mean they could land a(nother) group of death. Interestingly, only having one team from each country in pot one does lessen the chance of landing Bayern, Barcelona or Real given that previously Chelsea, Arsenal and United were all seeded in pot one, and of course could not be drawn against City.

The list shows it is a close thing in terms of City's ranking as both Leverkusen and Basel are only slightly below and could leapfrog them depending upon results next year.

Even more incentive to win the league to automatically enter in pot one.