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City 6 - 0 QPR: What Did We Learn?

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City didn't just win at home against Queens Park Rangers, they scored six goals while keeping a clean sheet. It was 90 minutes of sheer destruction, and a side of City that hasn't been seen as often as supporters had expected coming into this season. So what did we learn from a day where City scored an Aussie Rules Football goal worth of goals?

1. Sergio Aguero Is A Destroyer Of Worlds

We all know that Sergio Aguero is the Premier League's best striker, and among the five best in the world right now. But today we learned that he is a true destroyer of worlds.

No, literally, he has destroyed QPR's world once and for all. Not only did today's match secure relegation for QPR, but it also secured all of the peril that comes with relegation. QPR will have to find new, less expensive players, less talented players, and are set to get fined into oblivion by everyone's favorite method of keeping soccer's caste system in place: Financial Fair Play. And QPR's lone bright spot, Charlie Austin? Yeah, he'll be with a team staying in the Premier League next season.

Perhaps the best news for QPR is that Joey Barton is still around, and probably isn't going anywhere, and that is horrible news for them.

Sergio Aguero, with today's hat trick against QPR, did all of that to a club all by himself. Sergio Aguero is the eater of worlds. Sergio Aguero is The Undertaker.

2. City are playing in the Champions League next season

With today's win and Liverpool's draw against Chelsea, City have guaranteed themselves another dose of Champions League competition next season. Whether or not they can manage to break into the quarterfinals remains to be seen but, and I am admittedly not an expert on these sorts of things, it seems difficult to make the quarterfinals of competitions like the Champions League without qualifying for them in the first place.

3. R.I.P. QPR

While a 6-0 win is never bad, today's win was bittersweet in that it happened to QPR, a team with ties to City that will never dissolve. Of course, those ties stem from these two teams meeting at the Etihad Stadium for the most dramatic final day in Premier League history back in 2012. And while City were celebrating their first title in 44 years, QPR was celebrating too! But QPR wasn't celebrating City's championship, they were instead celebrating the news that they were staying in the Premier League for another year.

Ever since that day, and the amazing scenes that resulted from it, it's been outright impossible to cheer against QPR, Joey Barton notwithstanding. Knowing that all of the challenges listed above face them is a bummer and, I for one, hope they manage to overcome all of it to return to the Premier League soon.

Your takeaways from the game below.