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Yaya Toure's Agent Calls Manuel Pellegrini A "Weak Manager"

Yaya Toure's agent points finger at Manuel Pellegrini and City Executives.

Agent Places Blame On Pellegrini
Agent Places Blame On Pellegrini
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Many have watched Yaya Toure's performance this year, questioning if he is the reason for City's disappointing season. The agent of Yaya Toure came to the defense of the Ivorian star and revealed who he believed was really to blame for City's misfortunes.

Toure's agent, Dimitri Seluk had a lot to say about Pellegrini and the City Executives,

"Some people at City are trying to blame Yaya for what has happened this season. But those people aren't taking responsibility for their own mistakes."

"I am talking about executives who have bought players for a lot of money - and then put those players on the bench. Executives who spend a lot of money on Stevan Jovetic and then drop him from the Champions League squad. I feel sorry for Pellegrini. He's a good coach, but a weak manager."

It is evident where Seluk is placing the blame, as he feels Pellegrini is simply not fit to be the manager of City and that the blame should stop being placed on Toure. He went on to speak of the League Title that Pellegrini won, saying that his predecessor, Roberto Mancini deserves the credit because it was the team that he left behind.

As for Pellegrini, he believes that his job is secure and there is no need to worry unless they fall out of a Champions League position.

'You are wrong if you think that, at this club, if you don't win the title then you are out,' he said in a number of national newspapers. 'If we miss the top four then maybe it will be different because that would not be the same thing, the analysis of the season will be different.'

Seluk has no doubt that his client is a hot product and would be sought after by many clubs, saying the following of Yaya Toure's value,

"If City want Yaya to leave, they should come out and say so, two of the biggest clubs have already asked me if he is available, and I know that if City would sell, another 10 would call me inside 24 hours."

There is no question that Toure would be a very hot commodity if City are willing to sell, many would believe if Toure were to move on he would join former manager, Roberto Mancini at Inter Milan, while many City hopefuls have faith that he will stay and continue his legacy at the Etihad.

Only time will tell what the future will hold for the City star and the Chilean manager, but one thing is clear. A statement was made and Yaya Toure is tired of being the scapegoat for the failures of management and executives.