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Klopp To Leave Dortmund - City Link Shot Down

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

All before we even had chance to really go at the rumours:

More cold water was poured on the story by Jamie Jackson of The Guardian:

Jackson also has a piece up on site which suggests Klopp, like others, may not quite fit the philosophy that the City hierarchy want in place. This also fits in with a piece for where I wrote that odds of Manuel Pellegrini remaining at the club beyond this season may be higher than thought for precisely this reason.

Does Klopp though, of all the candidates linked so far, appear the best fit in terms of reinvigorating a side that has looked increasingly lethargic. After previous bad press with regards to changing managers (both with Mark Hughes and Roberto Mancini) it may too be that the club is keeping its cards extremely close to its chest.

At the very least, get ready for a summer of speculation...