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United 4-2 City: Player Ratings

A look at City player performances at the derby.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Poor form continued for City on Sunday as Derby day proved to be an embarrassing performance for a club that hasn't had many good games as of late. While City looked promising for the first 15 minutes of the match in their 4-2-3-1 formation, United responded and took hold of the rest of the game, completely dominating to put themselves 4 point up on City in the Premier League table.

Joe Hart - 4

Despite a couple of key saves early in the second half, Joe Hart had a very poor performance. He allowed 4 goals throughout the match and didn't look confident whatsoever.

Gael Clichy - 6

Clichy was a part of the first goal scored for City and had some good moments in this match. Unfortunately he made some key mistakes on defence. The French full back has had worse games but he has definitely had better as well.

Vincent Kompany - 7

The Captain came out playing some great football, he was strong on defence and out muscled his opponents on the ball, he had a good game despite being booked for a yellow card late in the first half. He suffered an injury and was replaced at the start of the second half.

Matin Demichelis - 4

It was a hard to find a good point in this match for the Argentinian defender. Demichelis made a lot of mistakes, some which lead to goals and wasn't defensively aware on the pitch.

Pablo Zabaleta - 6

Zabaleta had a rather quite game throughout most of the fixture. He had a positive point late in the second half when he sent the ball in to Aguero for the goal, it was a nice pass, but their wasn't much else nice about his performance.

Yaya Toure - 5

The central midfielder, Yaya Toure could have been on the bench today as he hardly had an impact and didn't have a good game at all. He was constantly out matched by Marouane Fellaini of United. City supporters expected much more than just one nice through ball from one of the leaders of their team.

Fernandinho - 6

Similarly to Yaya Toure, Fernandinho had a rather quiet game. He had some nice crisp passes early on, trying to generate something from central midfield but failed to have the impact that Pellegrini expected of him for his side.

David Silva - 7

David Silva was pushing City's offense early and looked as if he would have been a big part of this game after his beautiful cross to Aguero that lead to the first goal of the match. After that point there wasn't much that the Spaniard did for a struggling City side.

James Milner - 6

Milner was also a part of generating City's first goal and started off strong in the contest. Later in the first half and early second half he had some inaccurate passes and looked tired on the ball, he was subbed off in the 62nd minute.

Jesus Navas - 7

If there was anyone on the pitch that kept the offense flowing for City it was Jesus Navas. He was constantly creating opportunity's for his side and always pressured the United defenders. He was substituted off in the 74th minute of the match.

Sergio Aguero - 8

Two goals on the match meant that Sergio Aguero did everything he was supposed to for City. Often times the Argentinian had to create his own chances as hardly anything was generated from the central midfield. He had a great performance despite a disappointing loss for his team.


Eliaquim Mangala (for Kompany, half time) - 5

Mangala did virtually nothing for his City side. Coming on for Kompany at the half, Mangala didn't have the same impact as the captain would have. He had a poor game defending overall.

Samir Nasri (for Milner, 62 mins) - 5

Nasri didn't bring the spark off of the bench that Pellegrini wanted. He won a race for the ball when he was first substituted on. He did virtually nothing to help his team other than that.

Frank Lampard (for Navas, 74 mins) - 5

Lampard couldn't produce anything out of midfield during his 16 plus minutes on the pitch. He was the last hope for City, and didn't do anything positive for the squad.