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Report: Kompany Dropped After Locker Room Outburst

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

When City defeated Leicester 2-0 last week, questions were raised as to why Vincent Kompany was left on the bench. Manuel Pellegrini claimed that it was a regular case of squad rotation at the time, but the Mirror is reporting that a locker room argument between Kompany and Fernandinho during City's loss to Liverpool was to blame.

According to the Mirror piece, Fernandinho criticized the concentration of Kompany, holding the captain accountable for the sequence that led to Liverpool's first goal. Kompany took exception to this, going off on Fernandinho and getting himself taken out of the starting eleven for the Leicester game. Fernandinho wasn't featured in the 18 for City against Leicester.

Whether this was a case of Kompany's frustration boiling over for a season of play not up to par with his previous campaigns, or just an attempt by the captain to assert some authority in the locker room, turmoil like this never helps a team already searching for inspiration. It's even worse, perhaps, when it's your captain throwing fightin' words around the locker room.

While #together has been the motto for City in recent years, it seems that they may be anything but.