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Match Report: City 1 - 1 Hull City

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

For most of the first half it was a classic City performance, bossing possession with patience and control. It was around the 15th minute when a chance foreshadowed what was to come later that half. Robbie Brady sent a beautiful cross into the box and was headed into the crossbar by Ahmed Elmohamady, a chance that should have been converted by the Hull player. City looked out of ideas once we got the ball into the final third and even when the idea seemed to work, a lack of confidence to shoot by City would leave the side goalless. With ten minutes to go before half time Hull got their goal from a comedy of errors. Joe Hart came yards out of position between the goal to claim a ball that Demichelis had under control and left the goal wide open for Hull. Following MDM’s clearance, which ended up in the chest of a Hull player, Hart made a solid reaction save. The save was only denying the inevitable as Hart watched a shot bounce of the post and out to the foot of Meyler who, as I mentioned before, slotted it home. It was a theme of the first half but the lack of communication, and a bit of trust too, between Hart and his defenders came to bite City in the butt on the Meyler goal. Being a goal up now allows Hull pack the box and make it even more difficult to get a chance on net.

The second half was as would expect with City pushing forward to grab an equalizer and, hopefully, leaving enough time for a winner. The sense of urgency shown by City throughout the second half was a welcomed sign but something, as a fan, you’d like to see for the entire 90 minutes, not just after conceding a goal. With the half winding down and City needing a point, there was a sense of desperation from the boys as it looked as if a loss was going to be their fate. City’s first best chance to equalize was right before stoppage time as Aguero had a great chance to bring the sides level but with an unlucky bounce off the crossbar saw his volley couldn’t find the back of the net. In the second minute of added time City got the reward for their strong second half efforts from a beautiful missile of a free kick from James Milner. A much needed morale boost as a loss at this point would not only hurt the confidence of the team but almost give Chelsea a clear path to the league title. But as we know from watching the EPL day in and day out nothing is guaranteed, but can't say this isn't frustrated.