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Match Report: Chelsea 1 - 1 City

Clive Mason/Getty Images

The first half was as competitive as you'd expect from the two tops in the EPL. A fair amount of the play was held in midfield but each team was just a mistake away from getting an good opportunity on goal. Speaking of those mistakes, City and Chelsea were both unable to take advantage of each other's mistakes as those chances became near misses. Late in the half both teams got on the board one after another to setup a perfect final 45 minutes. First the attack from Chelsea came off of two beautiful passes from Ivanovic and Hazard, and was finished by Loic Remy to give the leaders a 1-0 advantage. As it looked like that would be the last bit of action in the first half, City unleashed an attack of their own. A cross from Navas went whizzing through the box just missing the head of Milner, but fell to the foot of Aguero. The Argentine struck the ball, which looked to be going wide, but was redirected into the back of the net by Silva to make it 1-1. It was a display of resilience from City and a much needed goal for the confidence going into the second half.

The second half was a little less exciting as City looked the side hoping to grab a goal and Chelsea content on sitting back. As the game was reaching its dying embers City had multiple opportunities to grab the go ahead goal but couldn't find that one good chance to bury Chelsea. It was a well played game by both sides and a draw only seems fitting (though three points would have been lovely!) for two team in the hunt for the title. The missed chances we had on net today were indicative of the rust shown by those who have been injured for extended period of time. Aguero, though it was from a very tough angle, had a chance in the first half to put City up a goal but the chance went just wide of the post. If this was the pre-injury Aguero I’d bet money it would have gone in. Yes, he has been healthy for a good bit of time now but there still seems to be a bit of rust from one of our biggest goal threats.

For me, today, Fernandinho was fantastic today. His work rate, especially defensively, was reminiscent of his form last season. Tough hard tackles to win the ball back, timely interceptions and an added bit of creativity in attack as well. One of the best games I've seen from him since his early form last season.