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Pellegrini: Titles Not Won in December

Manchester City's Manager insists the Premier League title is far from lost

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Manuel Pellegrini believes the fuss over the Blues 5 league losses in the last three months is overblown. He might be right, as we are in a hyper-competitive season where everyone outside of Leicester City is struggling to consistently win matches away from home.

Here are the Manager's full comments on this matter.

"We are in this moment in third, four points against Arsenal and six points against Leicester. We must play against Leicester on the 29th so it's very important to win these two games to finish the first round.

"The important thing is to be involved at the end of January, then try and win the title in the remainder of the season.

"We have to try to focus game by game - the next is Sunderland, we try to beat them at home which is never an easy game,. Then we think about Leicester. We lost important points against Arsenal - a game of six points - but it was not a decisive game as I said before the match.

"You never win the title in December."