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Intellectual Property Office Leak City's New Badge

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Just a few short months after beginning a consultation period of a potential change to the current badge. Many fans expressed they would like a change to the old, circular crest o the Mancunian ship and the red rose of Lancashire and City obliged. 

Well, three days ahead of the official release date, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) decided that they wouldn’t let us wait! Publishing the new badge on their website and listing the date City trademarked it (December 22, 2015). So, the IPO seemed to get extremely excited by the new badge that at least 24 hours after receiving it they leaked it to the public. Thanks, IPO!

The differences between the new one from the older version are minute. A buffering of the Mancunian ship and shaping of red rose, losing the F.C., placing “Manchester" above, and “City” below the symbols in the middle and adding a sky blue accent in the boarder makes the design cleaner and updated.

Personally, I was a fan of the original badge of this kind that appeared in the 70s, so a refresh to the badge is fine enough for me! But, of course, this isn’t really “official” yet and we’ll have to wait until Boxing Day to see the final product. This still seems to be the final product!

Have your thoughts below!