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Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City - Sagna Reacts

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Former Arsenal Right Back Bacary Sagna talked about the Blues loss to his previous employer on Monday.

"It's hard to take, I think we started the game really well, we had possession of the ball, and on their first shot they scored.

"So it was a bit against the game but we had to keep going to defend well as a team and we conceded before half time.

"So it makes it difficult against a quality team. Now we have to keep our heads up because they are creating a gap.

"We have to keep the head up, keep working hard and bounce back in the next game."

"It was vital to score because I know this team quite well. I think we played quite well in general, of course we conceded some chances, but apart from that we could have scored before they did.

"It's not a blow personally, I want to keep working hard, I want to fight to the end because we have many games to catch up, of course we have a gap now but as I said the league is going to be very long. We have to play them at home, we have to play Leicester so we have to keep the head up keep working and keep sticking together."