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Pellegrini Would Love Pep to Coach MCFC in the Future

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The persistent rumors related to Pep Guardiola becoming Manchester City Manager have intensified over the last few days as Bayern announced the Catalan Manager is moving onto be replaced by Carlo Ancelotti at the end of the current Bundesliga season.I hope he will have the option to work at Manchester City.

Manuel Pellegrini has graciously addressed the rumors:

"I say that because I love this club and I hope, in the future, he can work here also. I am sure that he will be very important for the club."

"A lot of things will happen in the future," he said. "But when is the future? You never know. It might be next year. But I don't worry. The only thing I am worried about is this year, trying to win the most amount of trophies I can.

"My contract showed that the club was happy and that I was happy, but sometimes you can have a contract for six or eight years and, at the end of the season, you don't continue anyway."

Pellegrini stressed that he maintains a good relationship with his bosses: "You always depend on what the owners think of the job you are doing.

"But we work in a good way, talking about different things, and, if something happens, then I will be the first to know.

"Maybe other clubs work in that way, where the chief executive decides everything, but that is the worst way to do it. I work with Txiki and with Ferran every day and we talk about next season.

"It doesn't matter if I continue as manager or don't continue, I think you must always continue to work and prepare."