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UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Who Could Manchester City Face?

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Manchester City having won Group D in the UEFA Champions League will be able to avoid Barcelona, Real Madrid Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich in the next round of the competition. As an added bonus, having been in a group with Juventus means that the Blues cannot draw the Italian giants in the next round. Additionally being from the same league as Arsenal eliminates the possibility of the Blues facing the Gunners in the Round of 16.

So who can City draw? Who would the Blues like to avoid?

Manchester City will draw one of the following six teams:

PSG, PSV, Benfica, Roma, Dynamo Kiev and Gent.

PSG is the most obvious team to avoid in the next round but given the Blues luck with UEFA draws, I believe all of us as supporters are expecting that matchup. But of the other five who would we prefer to draw?

In order of preference from 1-5 with 1 being the team I would most like to be paired with and 5 being the team I would least like to be facing (with the exception of PSG of course)! here are my rankings.

1- Gent

2- PSV

3- Benfica

4- Roma

5- Dynamo Kiev

Keep in mind the trip to Dynamo will be long and troubling in the middle of a tough patch in the Premier League. They have also previously eliminated us from European competition (The Europa League in 2010-11) and won in the Group Stage at Porto. Gent by contrast has had a great tournament and deserves credit for advancing in the club's first ever Champions League, but honestly, I seriously doubt they'll get any further. Roma is worth avoiding simply because player-for-player they have a quality side even if they struggled this year in Champions League and relied on late heroics from Barcelona goalkeeper Marc ter Stegen against Bayer Leverkusen to advance ahead of the German club.

Who would Manchester City supporters like to see the Blues draw?