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Vincent Kompany Backs Joe Hart

David Ramos/Getty Images

The Manchester City skipper hailed the impact of England's number one goalkeeper on Monday. Hart has been in the spotlight in recent days thanks in large measure to a howler against Norwich on Saturday.

"He's been an outstanding performer for us in the Champions League over the past few seasons and last year in the Premier League, a lot of the clean sheets were down to him - if anything he's been too perfect for too long so it's good to know he's human after all.

"You won't find a better keeper than Joe in England."

"Everything we've built up over the past seven years is amazing but it's not just the highs - it's also the typical City moments that we've experienced, especially at the beginning and how we came through them that are special.

"I can't guarantee performances but I can guarantee I will always give everything I have for this club and I'm eternally grateful for the way the City fans have treated me since I arrived."