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Report: Messi and Guardiola Potentially Headed to Manchester City

David Ramos/Getty Images

The never-dying rumors of Pep Guardiola's "imminent" move to Manchester City have started again in earnest thanks to the poor recent form of the Blues, and Guardiola's own non-appearance at a Bayern press conference. But this one has some added spice to it, as the Sun reports that Lionel Messi could be reunited with his old Barcelona Manager.

Marca reports:

Manchester City would be willing to offer Barcelona 170 million euros for Lionel Messi, who they would offer 1.1m euros a week in wages. The move would see the Argentine link up with his former coach Pep Guardiola at the Premier League club.

Today current Blues Manager Manuel Pellegrini was asked about both stories.

On Messi

"I don't talk about rumours. I think every manager in the world would like Lionel Messi."

On Guardiola

"I don't talk about rumours. It is a rumour we have had for the last two-and-a-half years."

It is true that these rumors have floated ever since Pellegrini's appointment in the summer of 2013. But as Manchester City look likely to not win UEFA Champions League Group D, and are winless in three of the last four Premier League matches, could the speculation be better founded this time?