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Juventus-Manchester City: How Should Pellegrini Set Up?

Michael Regan/Getty Images

In the wake of the stunning 4-1 reversal on Saturday at the hands of Jürgen Klopp's high-pressing Liverpool, questions have arisen about Manuel Pellegrini's tactical savvy. Klopp's teams traditionally press high and the decision to start Roberto Firmino up top ahead of Christian Benteke indicated that the Reds would be coming to the Etihad looking to press.

Yaya Toure's inability to cycle the ball quickly against the Liverpool pressure created a dysfunctional midfield situation which Pellegrini waited until halftime to remedy. The insertion of Fabian Delph and Fernandinho for the second half did allow the Blues to break the LFC pressure more often but also left the team equally susceptible to counter-attacking as Delph often bombed forward to supplement the attack as City chased the game.

The Blues have struggled at time in UEFA Champions League play, particularly away from home - despite getting all three points, the performance against Borussia Mönchengladbach in September was one of the worst of the season from Pellegrini's team. However, the most recent foray into Champions League, the resounding 3-1 win at Sevilla was due in large part to the counter-attacking setup the City Manager employed that day.

With Juventus likely needing a win to keep hopes of winning the group alive, should City sit deep and look to pick Juve off on the counter in this match? Or should the Blues go forward with gusto early looking to put the Italian Champions to the sword?

What are the thoughts of our Bitter and Blue readers?