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When Jürgen Klopp last visited Manchester

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp brought his Borussia Dortmund side to Manchester in September 2012 - both teams were reigning league champions and were looking to win the UEFA Champions League Group Stage tie. Dortmund battered the Blues for most of the game and the individual brilliance of Joe Hart, in addition to a late penalty call allowed Manchester City to escape with a 1-1 draw.

Hart reflected on that match today:

"I remember them coming to our place in the Champions League and they battered us - they were liked wasps in their yellow and black kit.

"I know that when he [Klopp] gets a team ticking then they're really, really hard to play against, it's difficult to say whether this will be our toughest match so far this season as they're all tough!

"It's difficult because my focus is on us, but it turns to Liverpool now and watching them play in their build up and how they're playing under the new manager it looks like they're buying into it.

"When I speak to my England colleagues they enjoyed their time under Brendan and now they're enjoying it under the new manager.

"They are a work in progress in terms of how he (Klopp) wants them to play but they look keen so it's all about how we play at our stadium."

The Blues would end up crashing out of the competition at the group stage, while Klopp's men were able to reach the final, losing to domestic rival Bayern Munich 2-1.