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Does Patrick Vieira's NYCFC Appointment give Pellegrini More Time?

Potential future MCFC Manager taking over the Blues American sister club might speak volumes

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

It is certainly possible that the appointment of Patrick Vieira as New York City FC Manager on a three-year deal buys Manuel Pellegrini more time as Manchester City Manager. Despite the almost constant and annoying speculation that Pep Guardiola is being lined up to replace the Chilean Manager of the Blues, Vieira is clearly the long-term target in terms of grooming an eventual boss that is reared at the club.

Vieira being tasked with getting the Blues American sister club right is a clear indication that the ownership as well as Chief Executive Ferran Soriano want to groom Vieira to eventually lead Manchester City. While many in the press mocked the contract extension for Pellegrini before the season as simply a diversionary tactic on the eve of the start of a new campaign, no definitive link with Guardiola or any other manager has yet been definitively established.

Since Vieira has been given three years to run New York City FC, it is very possible that if the early returns are promising, he will be brought back to Manchester at the close of  the 2017 MLS season to assist Pellegrini and then take the reigns for the 2018-19 Premier League campaign. Under this scenario, Pellegrini would have two more seasons after this one leading the Blues and then pushing 65 years of age, might find it an appropriate moment to step away.

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