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UEFA Champions League Anthem - Manchester City Fans Acted Correctly

Manchester City supporters have every right to boo the UEFA Champions League Anthem

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

UEFA, the governing body for football in Europe likes to make an example out of Manchester City FC. Embroiled in scandal and seemingly incapable of taking an evenhanded approach to matters including the Blues, fans reacted as many supporters throughout the world would. UEFA after all is an organization that in 2012 fined the Blues more for having players return late to the pitch than Porto had been for the racist chants those same players were subjected to in  a previous Europa League match.

Kevin Parker, general secretary of Manchester City supporters' club, told BBC Radio 5 live:

"The City fans have absolutely no love for Uefa, it's clear.
"Do Uefa seriously think the threat of sanctions is going to have an impact? Everybody has got a right to a freedom of expression. City fans are just using that right to say we don't like that tune and we don't like Uefa."

UEFA like FIFA is a law to itself. Financial Fair Play (FFP) which was designed cynically and largely to keep clubs like City, Chelsea and PSG "in place" is just one of the grievances Manchester City supporters have against UEFA. The fans acted out in a way that was responsible of any group of supporters with a club that have been subject to forms of discrimination from football's governing bodies. I personally applaud those fans at the Etihad for what they did Wednesday night.