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Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City in Verse

In October 2011 the Blues went to Old Trafford and smashed Manchester United 6-1. Jason Bardwell remembers penned this in remembrance of the historic afternoon.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

We're a team with no history,
That's what they say.
As we enter Old Trafford,
For Derby Day.
Both teams unbeaten,
Both with eyes on the prize.
So who would have thought,
We'd have a 6-1 surprise.
United's early pressure,
Our defense stood strong.
Balotelli side foot opener,
Fergies plan going wrong!
Half time is signalled,
Both teams retire.
Close eye on Mario and
Who has started THIS fire!
Second half begins,
Before Evans is ready.
Silly United defender,
Upends Balotellli!
He is sent from the pitch,
United down a man.
Come on then Fergie,
Now what's the plan?
An hour on the clock,
Milner on the wing.
Crosses to Mario,
Who turns the ball in!
We're now two goals up,
And playing with flair,
Richards lobs in a cross
And Aguero is there!
City relax a little,
Not really looking for more.
That is until Fletcher,
Combines with Chicharito to score.
Almost full time,
And now City will win.
Barry heads wide to Lescott,
Who hits it off Dzeko and in!
Then almost instantly,
Silva adds one more.
And out of the exits,
The Red fans now pour.
They think it's all over,
Fergies having a cow!
Dzeko finishes it off with a sixth,
'It is now!'